Bob Kimm's Suffolk 18th Annual Production Sale 

Dennis Wilson from Indiana & I attended this Sale.  I was really impressed with the sheep, data supplied, friendliness, meal, and biosecurity.  It is too bad that more Suffolk breeders do not use data that is available.  I was really disappointed in the number of people that violated the biosecurity that had been set up by Bob.

Sign nice scene
A farm view Dennis reading the rules
McLaughlin/Griffin 0038 & Kimm 02022 Both rams again
Henderson 4-7 View of another barn
Inside one of the barns Ewes in same barn
Two ewes really relaxing Pasture scene
Data information area Inside another barn
Ewes in small pasture Two stud rams
McLaughlin ram Yearling ewes
More Yearling Ewes Bob & Bill
Viewing ram lambs Ram Kimm 2022
Front view of 2022 Back view of 2022
More ram lambs Looking at lambs
Feed trough Two fellows discussing something???
Back of feed trough Keeper rams
Another barn with ram lambs Feed storage area
Two shepherds from Wisconsin Talking and looking at Suffolks
Brat line-up Need a bidder's number
Bob's pre sale announcements Seconds before sale starts
Some of the bidders More bidders
Rams Getting a ram to load for buyer
Bringing up a sold animal Yes, Bob works hard

The End, hope you enjoyed this as much as I did being there.

Modified May 28, 2006

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