April 6 - 9, 2010 Cancelled

My Reasons that it did not come together.

1. Poor Management

2. Could not handle finances as I was charged 3 times for same billing and took a long time to have all the money returned.

3. Wrong time of the year.

4. Lodging was very expensive when cheaper accommodation available

5. More wool topics than meat lambs ( Most of the world sells lambs for meat)

6. A week before the start all speakers were not listed

7. Very slow in having a web site operating

8. Very quick to remove web site when cancelled.

Seventeenth Series of Pictures in  Western Australia.




Since 9Th  World Sheep & Wool Congress in Sydney for 2010 has been cancelled Lynne & I went on a 21 day tour of Australia.  More pictures of our tour Later.

  Updated June 7, 2014


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